Elemental Holistic Therapies

Body / Mind Healing for You


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I offer private, individual sessions and group demonstrations and classes.   My services include:

- Reflexology

- Muscle Tuner Specialist sessions

-  Quantum Touch Energy Healing sessions

-  Touch for Health sessions

- Workshops in Quantum Touch, Touch for Health
and more!

- Animal Therapies (check out my website at  

Feeling off? Gotten more clumsy lately? Having trouble concentrating? Here is a short video on a quick technique that`s easy to learn- and will help you concentrate better, walk better, and can even reduce pain!


How Holistic Therapies Can Help You!

Complementary, holistic therapies are increasingly common in people looking to take more control over their own health and wellness.

The popularity of many non-mainstream, non-Western practices (such as relaxation exercises, meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy . . . . and many more), has grown dramatically in the last number of years.

While the holistic services offered here are complementary in nature, and are not a replacement for regular medical care, they are a great addition to your medical care.

My cozy office is set up for you to relax and let your worries fall away, so you can focus on your own inner healing. 

Holistic therapies are designed to treat the entire person - mind and body - rather than just the ailment. Sessions help to balance the body by releasing blockages and restore the flow of energy. Some of the benefits you will see by coming in for regular sessions include:  

  • Stress reduction
  • Greater sense of wellbeing
  • Reduced pain and tension
  • Increased range of motion
  • Help managing chronic conditions
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased vitality
  • Help reaching your goals with ease and clarity
  • Balanced emotions              

Many of the health concerns in ourselves (and in our pets of course), are linked to anxiety, tension and chronic stress. 

Energy pathways in our body become blocked when we are under prolonged stress, injured or ill, and these blockages reduce our body's ability to function effectively.

Not processing our emotions and releasing them also leads to blockages, which in turn can create physical dis-ease.